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Nellcôte is an impertinent take on fine dining. Chef Jared Van Camp has crafted an “obsessively house made” and locally focused bill of fare - while taking influence from France, Italy and Spain, the ingredients and products are sourced exclusively from the Midwest. Here some just a few awards since opening:

"Hottest Happening of the Year" CS Magazine Best of the City Predictions for 2011, January 2011
“10 of the Hottest New Wine Lists Across America” Eater National, April 2012
“The Most Hyped Up Place Since NEXT” –Mike Gebert, Grub Street March, 2012
“Best New Pizza in Chicago” Chicago Magazine, BEST OF Issue, July 2012
“Best In-House Pasta In Chicago” Chicago Reader, BEST OF Issue, May 2012
“Top 20 Best New Restaurants in Chicago” Chicago Magazine, April 2012

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Wine Enthusiast Magazine

100 Best Wine Restaurants July 2013
Nellcôte/RM Champagne Salon named on of the 100 Best Wine Restaurants for 2013 by Wine Enthusiast Magazine July 2012

Bon Appetit Magazine

January 2013
The Nellcôte flour mill was mentioned as one of the "top 25 Food Trends of the New Year". Milling your own flour may seem like something out of an episode of Frontier House, but freshly ground whole grains are packed with the vitamins, fiber, and flavor that the industrial stuff lacks. "When you freshly grind peppercorns, they're going to have much more flavor than pre-ground black pepper. It's the same with flour," says chef Jared Van Camp, of Nellcôte in Chicago, who mills wheat, corn, and rye for the restaurant.

New Salted Cocktails, Margaritas Not Included

July 2012
Named for the mansion on the French Riviera where the Rolling Stones recorded Exile on Main Street, the chandelier-lit restaurant serves chef-shaken cocktails like the Rum, made with aged Barcardi 8 rum, fresh pineapple juice, lime juice, bitter Aperol, apricot liqueur and topped with an anise-and-vanilla foam, crushed aniseed and a sprinkling of fleur de sel.

Boldfaced Brunch

July 2012
Gnocchi, soba noodles…by the time we got to Nellcôte, we were noodled out. So we skipped the tagliatelle. We went for the uncommonly decadent quiche, and a juicy rib eye immersed in brown butter, instead. (Brunch here is an $18 prix fixe that starts with a plate of pastries, cheese and charcuterie. We inhaled this—especially the madeleines!) And we wanted for nothing, except maybe another Caesar Bloody Mary—the smoothest Bloody Mary we’ve had since, well, the beginning of time.

20 Best New Restaurants

May 2012
Slipping in under the wire (the opening was just in the nick of presstime), Van Camp's follow-up to Old Town Social is still pretty raw, but it's rife with promise. Nestled among Randolph Street's heavy hitters, Nellcôte has an ambiance that fits the bill; the Euro-chic space, a namesake nod to a French mansion once inhabited by the Rolling Stones, drips with luxe details. Chef-shaken "kitchen cocktails"and well-curated Belgian beers also keep pace with—if not outshine—the neighbors. Ditto the pillowy wood-fired pizzas, crafted with house-milled wheat flour, and the myriad small plates.

Chicago Reader

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